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Find below our terms of sale for all the visuals in this site.

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By using this site and/or downloading contents from it, you accept the following general licensing terms.

These terms and conditions define the reciprocal contractual undertakings of News Pictures and its Clients and shall prevail over any other provision, in particular Clients general terms of business, order forms or similar documents.

The use of the services of the News Pictures Agency, including the services offered by News Pictures on its Internet site, and the consultation and use of photographs of News Pictures imply full and complete acceptance of these General Licensing Terms.

Any Client of News Pictures hereby declares that it has taken cognisance of the General Licensing Terms, has understood them and accepts them without reservation. They may only be modified by means of a written agreement signed by the duly authorised representatives of News Pictures.

These General Licensing Terms came into force on 1 June 2008 and therefore replace any other general or specific general terms previously implemented by news Pictures in its relations with its Clients. News Pictures reserves the right to upgrade these general terms for any future operating licence, subject to informing its Clients accordingly in advance.

1- Any photographic production shall confer on the photographer, its author, artistic, property and moral rights as defined by the Intellectual Property Code. News Pictures acts as the agent of the photographer which entrusted it with the sale of the reproduction rights to the photographs of which it is the author, or as the assignee of the said reproduction rights or as the owner of the photographers property rights.

2- The Client is defined as any physical or legal person who may have acquired for its own account exploitation rights to one or more photographs supplied by News pictures. In the case of a physical person, the Client is considered as the sole user of the images, and thereby the sole holder of this licence. If the Client is a legal person, this licence is compulsory for all its members, associates, employees or officers under the direct or indirect responsibility of the legal representatives of the legal person.

3- For purposes of reproduction in the press, the licence granted shall be limited to the use specified on the invoice which together with these General Terms shall comprise the entirety of the licence granted. The prices of publication are available on request.

In the case of special photographs, or exclusivity granted by News Pictures, the licence shall be subject to prior signature by the Client of an invoicing slip setting out the use and the special price of the reproduction (or exceptionally, an order form from the Client).

Any photograph or report is licensed for a single publication using only one medium. Any new edition, re-publication or transfer to another medium is prohibited save by prior agreement from the Agency.

4- Any use of the photographs loaned by News Pictures, other than reproduction in the press, shall be subject to a prior request specifying the different uses contemplated (medium, period, country and for advertising, a precise media plan). Based on this request, News Pictures shall draw up an estimate which is sent to the Client. If the Client accepts this estimate, it then sends News Pictures an order form confirming the contemplated uses. Prior to any use of the photographs by the Client, this order form must be accepted by News Pictures.

5- Any use of a photograph on a digital, magnetic or optical medium (in particular CD, DVD, etc.) and internet or extranet shall be subject to a specific contract.

6- Photographs may be supplied by News Pictures as follows: •in the form of the following material media: on paper on a magnetic medium, on a digital medium and on an optical medium (in particular CD, DVD, etc.). •via on-line transmission (on the News Pictures site or on its extranet (on-line service) or via e-mail or FTP).

7- Photographs on material media listed in point 6 or via e-mail or FTP are only free of charge if the photographs are used. Otherwise, the Client will be invoiced for a research fee of 200 euros per day.

The Client must return the material media within one month maximum from the date of filing for the press, or two months for publication and advertising.

8- In the case of photographs sent in any form:

Sending the photographs to the Client entails transfer of the risks attaching to them. The Client is therefore responsible for the loss, deterioration or piracy of photographic documents sent to it by News Pictures, as of transmission of documents. In the case of loss, deterioration or non restitution of a photograph sent on magnetic, digital or optical media, a fee equal to the amount of technical expenses required to produce a new copy of similar quality shall be invoiced, on the understanding that this right to compensation shall in no case constitute an assignment of the copyright attaching to the photographs.

9- When photographs are transmitted in digital format, any duplication, storage and any insertion in the publishers digital files are prohibited.

10- In the event of the loaned documents being used, the Client will send SIPA PRESS, on their publication, or when the photographs are used on a maquette, proof of such publication with the reportage number, the issue number of the publication and page/s on which the photographs appear or use of a maquette. If no proof is received within 8 days from the publication or use of a maquette, a further fee of 10% of the amounts invoiced by News Pictures shall be incurred, with a minimum of 155 euros.

11- In the case of use of a maquette, a fee of 125 euros shall be invoiced by News Pictures.

12- The Client undertakes to credit published photographs with the name of their author, followed by "News Pictures". The omission of such credits would incur the invoicing of a double fee.

The Client would also be solely liable in the event of the infringement of the right to the photographers name and therefore undertakes not to call up the Agency in guarantee.

13- Unless expressly mentioned, News Pictures shall not supply any authorisation of publication emanating from the person or persons figuring on the photographs and the owners of commercial property or brands contained in the photographs. The Client is thus solely responsible vis a vis these persons for obtaining the necessary authorisation for use, acquiring the rights, if any, and shall refrain from calling up News Pipctures in guarantee on such grounds. The Client shall also be solely responsible for the captions if they differ from those supplied by News Pictures or comments accompanying the publication of the photographs, and shall also refrain from calling up News Pictures in guarantee on such grounds.

14- In the case of photographs representing artworks which have not entered the public domain (paintings, sculptures, architecture, etc.) the Client shall be solely responsible for requesting authorisation prior to any use, from the author of the represented works or his assigns, and shall also refrain from calling up News Pictures in guarantee on such grounds.

15- The Client shall also be solely responsible: In the event of improper use, any use which does not comply with the authorisation issued, reuse which is neither provided for nor confirmed, • In the event of denaturing, adulteration or doctoring of the photographs, in particular by means of retouching, assemblies or modification of the comments and captions and failing to comply with the restrictions, • In the event of publication with a caption which gives the image a misleading meaning, • In the event of publication to illustrate an article which is not connected with the subject or theme of the photograph, • In the event of publication combined with a text which may in itself undermine the rights of the persons represented.

The Client shall therefore refrain from calling up News Pictures in guarantee, and the latter reserves the right to request the seizure of the documents sent to the Client, no matter in whose possession they happen to be, as well as the publications which have improperly used the said documents.

16- The rights relating to the use of the photographs must be paid for by the Client within 30 days from the end of the month following the date of the invoice relating to the use of those rights. Technical expenses (called "Incidence of technical expenses" on the invoice) of 12% calculated on the amount excluding tax of the rights of use shall be invoiced by News Pictures.

As regards advertising , should an order be cancelled within 30 days following the invoice date, News Pictures shall be entitled to keep a fixed sum of 30% of the invoice amount. After the 30 day deadline News Pictures shall be entitled to keep the full amount invoiced.

17- Should the Client fail to comply with the terms of payment News Pictures shall be entitled to invoice it for fixed expenses for reminders, as well as penalties for delay calculated by two-week period begun, based on the bank base rate (BBR) plus 4 points. The Clients repeated failure to comply with the terms of payment (a minimum of two invoices not paid within the deadline) shall entitle the Agency to demand the payment of a deposit before each order.

18- Should the Client have failed to make the due payment within 8 days from first presentation of a notification served by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, News Pictures reserves the right to sue for payment of the sums due, to which shall be added the procedural costs and interest for delayed payment, as well as a sum equal to 30% of the invoiced rights of use.

19- Payment of a deposit may be required for services of an unusual nature.

20- The opening of an account, after agreement by our sales and administrative departments, enables payment to be made on end–of-month billing, either by cheque within 8 days, or by draft accepted within 30 days. Bills of exchange issued shall not act as a substitution or a waiver of our jurisdiction clause.

21- Payment prior to the date of application of the general licensing terms, and more specifically, payment on receipt of invoice, shall entail by right a discount of 1% per month applied to the total sum excluding tax.

22- The factor of News Pictures shall be subrogated in the rights of the creditor in obtaining payment of invoices transferred to it.

23- In the event that a clause or a condition of this contract should be judged null and void or without effect vis a vis third parties, the other clauses of the contract shall remain valid and shall continue to be performed between the parties.

24- The Client shall guarantee News Pictures against any action by any third party following the Clients violation or non compliance with the provisions of these General Licensing Terms, in particular with regard to the provisions of articles 12, 13, 14 and 15.

25- Any disputes arising in the performance of the contract shall come under the jurisdiction of the courts of the head office of News Pictures, located in PARIS.